The tool

Explore the healthiest options for your urban plan.

Healthy urban planning can be challenging and complex. With our practical, evidence-based tool, users can quickly assess the health impact of their whole plan, and see how small adjustments could make a big difference to the lives of local people. Want to learn more? Check out our Urban Determinants of Health and our Health Impacts of Urban Determinants.

You can create your own login through the platform or test the tool with the following credentials:
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Who is it for?

Urban planners

Assess and improve urban plans at city or neighbourhood scale, helping the planner understand the urban determinants they need to address.

Health professionals

Model and understand the interventions required to meet their health goals, encouraging cross-departmental collaboration.

Decision makers

See and compare the effect of planning actions on citizen health, make investment decisions, communicate their vision for the future and prioritise the right actions.


Engage citizens with workshops to co-develop their ideal healthy city and assess residents needs and desires.

Local government

Bring together different government departments and facilitate collaborative working to integrate health in all policies

Innovation projects

Assess the impact of nature-based solutions, active mobility interventions, and greening initiatives on citizen health. 

Interested in exploring the healthiest options for your city? Contact us to see how we could help!