Healthy Cities through a multidisciplinary lens

Our Healthy Cities team hosted a workshop with colleagues from other departments within Bax & Company to see how people from different specialties engage with the latest version of our tool, and the results are promising.

EVENT: Healthy Cities goes to Walk21, the global walking summit in Dublin, Ireland

Walk21, the global walking summit, will take place this September 19-23 in Dublin, Ireland.  The conference will bring together around 500 delegates and an incredible speaker line-up of over 60 experts including practitioners, academics, planners, politicians and citizens to celebrate the importance of walking and to re-imagine a world that is more liveable and sustainable. Programme Over […]

The Healthy Cities Generator

The Healthy City Generator bridges the gap between ‘what we know’ and ‘what we do’, making it easy for urban planners and policy makers to incorporate health factors into urban planning and urban factors into health policy.

Healthy Cities: Bridging Urban Planning and Health

All too often, when people hear health policy, they think hospitals. But health is holistic, with the design of our urban environment feeding into whether and how often populations need those hospitals.