Mapping Healthy Planning Frameworks

Year: 2023 The primary objective of this research was to comprehensively map and analyse existing healthy planning frameworks, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of their diversity, composition, design, and implementation strategies. To achieve this, the team conducted a systematic scoping review while acknowledging certain limitations regarding date, location, and usability criteria. This review was […]

Ciutat i Salut

Client: Diputació de Barcelona Location: Barcelona, Spain Year: 2022 Historically, health and urban planning have been deeply interconnected, and this remains the case today. In fact, some of the most significant changes in the organisation of urban settlements have arisen, in a substantial number of cases, from issues related to health. Cities serve as both […]

Integrating Health into the Urban Master Plan of Vic, Barcelona. A comprehensive approach.

Client: City of Vic Location: Catalunya, Spain Year: 2022 Abstract Planning healthier cities is essential for public health. However, there is a gap between the insights from public health research and applications to planning practice. Based on a scoping review and in cooperation with urban planners and public health professionals, this study developed evidence-based tools […]

A pie o en bici. Perspectivas y experiencias entorno a la movilidad activa.

Client: Universidad de Castilla la Mancha Location: Castilla-La Mancha, Spain Year: 2021 The models of urban development, territorial occupation and mobility with which we have over-occupied and over-exploited the Earth over the last decades have triggered the current environmental crisis, which has direct repercussions on people as well. A change in the mobility model that […]

Urban Health: the new core skill for urban planners

Client: UN-HABITAT Year: 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed weaknesses in our urban development model. Over the last five decades, our focus on making cities appealing for the global market has overshadowed the core principles of creating safe and nurturing habitats for residents. To prioritise well-being and health, urban planning must incorporate environmental and social […]