Urban Health Strategy Subirats

Client: Subirats City Council Location: Subirats, Barcelona, Spain Year: 2023 Scientific evidence points out that the environment in which we live is one of the main determinants of health, as it directly and indirectly influences aspects such as air quality, noise, lifestyles, or social relationships. It also impacts the incidence of certain diseases or conditions, […]

Strategic Master Plan for the regeneration of productive areas in the Besòs area

Client: Barcelona City Council Location: Barcelona, Spain Year: 2023 We developed the Strategic Urban Plan for the regeneration of the industrial fabric in the Besòs area (153 ha). This document outlines the planning strategy, development alternatives, and general criteria for the future specific modification of the General Urban Plan (MPGM) for the industrial areas in […]

URBACT Healthy Cities Action Planning Network

Client: ERDF-URBACT Location: EU  Year: 2019-2022 This Action Planning network aims to deepen the relationship between health and the urban environment, planning actions that focus on improving the population’s health, while developing a rigorous health impact assessment around it. Urban Planning can become a health generator on many grounds. This partnership reflects the multiplicity of […]