Do you want to improve your urban plan, devise a health strategy, or have a constructive dialogue with your stakeholders?

The use of the tool is free, but if you need guidance to use it, want to dive deeper with your stakeholders, or wish to customise strategies for your city, we offer a wide range of services to support you.

What we do

Assess a plan or project

Design urban health strategies

Training: planning and assessment

City-to-City learning

Tool development and customisation


Choose your approach

Health as a tool for planning


Analyse your city’s health needs to support your planning process


Explore opportunities to improve health in planning processes with citizens and local departments


Assess a plan or project in your city to improve its health impact

Planning as a tool for health


Analyse your urban environment to design urban health strategies


Discuss health objectives and health promotion using urban planning


Interested in exploring the healthiest options for your city? Contact us to see how we could help!