Our references

Discover the work of Healthy Cities through our reference sites.

Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands

Greening streets for ecosystem services

Anykščiai, Lithuania

Infrastructure for physical & mental health based on culture

Barcelona, Spain

Green Axes: Assess the health impact of the Green Axes Masterplan
Biopol: Assess the health impact of the Biopol – Granvia Masterplan

Birkenhead, UK

Analysing the Seacombe River Corridor Masterplan to prioritise health

Bradford, UK

Mobility & green spaces for activity and social cohesion

Espoo, Finland

Improving the health impact of the Kiviruuki masterplan, focusing on mobility, greening and mixticity (workshop)

Falerna, Italy

Connect spaces to support active mobility

Farkadona, Greece

Active mobility and access to services

Loulé, Portugal

Urban planning for healthy lifestyle & sports

Planning Authority of Malta

Urban health and mobility to counter obesogenic environments

Pärnu, Estonia

Connecting green areas and mainstreaming their use

Vic, Spain

Integrating urban green spaces and redeveloping health areas

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