Meet the team

We are a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, bound together by our shared passion for our work. Committed to making a meaningful impact, we continuously strive to advance our understanding through in-depth research and knowledge acquisition. Our collective expertise spans a wide spectrum of fields, allowing us to approach challenges from various angles and deliver innovative solutions.

We are driven by a profound dedication to bridging the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that our work not only contributes to the academic body of knowledge but also brings tangible benefits to the real world. This commitment to marrying research with practical application is at the core of our ethos, motivating us to push boundaries and make a positive difference in our professional endeavours.

Meet the team

Marta Rofin

Founder & Architect

Sebastiaan van Herk

Founder & Climate Adaptation Expert

Ruth Gow

Architect - Expert in Urban Planning & Housing

Celia García

Architect - Expert in Urban Planning & Housing

Sofia Aivalioti

Expert in Greening & HIA

Amber De La Haye

Expert in Urban Health, Gender & Equity

Dennis Martínez

Expert in Active Mobility

Juliette Ténart

Expert in Urban Innovation & Mobility