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We understand urban planning and health as two closely related concepts: health as a planning tool, and the city as a tool for health. That’s why we combine theory with practice, placing the health and well-being of individuals at the centre of urban policies and projects.

Over the past few years, we have developed projects that lie at the intersection of urbanism and health, between design and evaluation, between research and practice. These projects include health impact assessments, research projects, drafting guidelines or criteria, providing training for technicians, and urban planning writing.

Conoce al equipo

Marta Rofin

Founder & Architect

Sebastiaan van Herk

Founder & Climate Adaptation Expert

Ruth Gow

Architect - Expert in Urban Planning & Housing

Celia García

Architect - Expert in Urban Planning & Housing

Sofia Aivalioti

Expert in Greening & HIA

Amber De La Haye

Expert in Urban Health, Gender & Equity

Dennis Martínez

Experto en Movilidad Áctiva

Juliette Ténart

Expert in Urban Innovation & Mobility