About us

Our story

The idea for Healthy Cities began with an award-winning masterplan that put health at the heart of its design. When the opportunity arose to connect with other cities around Europe through URBACT, the Healthy Cities Action Planning Network was created. Through our work to deepen the relationship between health and the urban environment, we saw the need for a rigorous health impact assessment that strengthens planning actions and engages local communities. In the absence of a holistic, modular tool that can be used by experts, citizens, and local authorities alike, we decided to develop a framework that fills the gap.

Loulé, Portugal: Before and after Healthy Cities

Since its inception, the Healthy Cities Generator has been tested in 18 places across 9 countries. Following successful prototype testing, the Healthy Cities Generator is now being piloted around Europe.

The tool is being improved with new research on the social impact of urban planning – including gentrification, gender, safety, and equity. The next tool update will soon be available with an improved user experience and new functionalities, such as the option to start your journey with your health objectives.