Llega a la raíz de la planificación urbana saludable

Generating health with urban planning is no easy task. Don’t get lost in the sea of information. Your city can be built for more.

Genera salud en tu ciudad con nuestra revolucionaria herramienta de planificación.

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Healthy urban planning can be challenging and complex. With our practical, evidence-based approach, we can help you quickly assess the health impact of your whole plan, and see how small adjustments could make a big difference to the lives of local people. 

Toma decisiones basadas en la evidencia

Compare the health outcomes of urban plans to back-up your proposals with science.

Crea confianza con tu comunidad

Engage your professional and local communities with inspiration to make your city healthier.

Genera salud en su ciudad

Put health at the heart of your plan to secure a healthy and happy life for future generations.

Our Team

We understand Urban planning and Health as two closely related concepts: health as a planning tool, and the city as a tool for health. That’s why we combine theory with practice, placing the health and well-being of individuals at the center of urban policies and projects.

Over the past few years, we have developed projects that lie at the intersection of urbanism and health, between design and evaluation, between research and practice. 

Descubre nuestro enfoque de la planificación urbana con nuestros 5 determinantes de la salud.


The Healthy Cities Generator's holistic approach makes it much better than any other tools out there. When applying it to the Seacombe River Corridor masterplan, we found that its real strength is putting health on the design table, along with all the other required rules and regulations. The tool’s visual outputs are really useful for understanding the different impacts we can expect from an urban plan and provided us with valuable insights moving forwards in the planning process.
Bill Halsall, Senior Partner, the Halsall Lloyd Partnership
Leading the Seacombe River Corridor Masterplan