Systematic review of scientific evidence published between the years 2015-2021 regarding the impact of the urban environment on health

Client: Diputaci√≥ de Barcelona Year: 2021 Review of the scientific studies included in the ‘Guide to incorporating health into Master Plans’ (published between 2015-2017), including additional studies from 2018 to 2020, with the aim of: Validating the list of urban determinants and health indicators Updating the relationship between urban determinants and health Defining a methodology […]

Systematic review of existing tools and guidelines in the United Kingdom and development of a prototype tool for health impact assessment aimed at citizens (Healthy Places Framework)

Client: Office for Health Improvement & Disparities, UK Year: 2022 Background Although there are a number of existing frameworks that help to address place-based determinants of health, they are siloed and do not enable a holistic approach to place-based assessment. These frameworks are difficult to find, access and use consistently, and most have been developed […]

Review and analysis of existing tools, criteria, and frameworks related to the incorporation of the health perspective in urban planning

Client: Diputaci√≥ de Barcelona Year: 2021 Research, review, and comparison of the most relevant existing european tools for incorporating health into urban environments, with the following objectives: Analyse user profiles, strengths and weaknesses, and the functionalities/features offered by existing tools Identify useful features and functionalities for the new tool Position the new tool in the […]