EVENT: Healthy City Design 2023 International Congress in Liverpool


The Healthy City Design 2023 International Congress will be held in Liverpool next week. Our Healthy Cities team will be there to deliver a workshop on the Healthy Cities Generator and present a poster on our most recent case studies.

WORKSHOP – Generate health in your city with the Healthy Cities Generator: A hands-on, practical tool with actionable indicators to incorporate health into urban planning
Our presentation introduces the transformative “Healthy Cities Generator” (HCG) – our practical tool that seamlessly integrates health considerations into urban planning. The urban landscape significantly influences people’s health and behaviours, yet integrating health systematically into planning remains a challenge. The HCG addresses this gap by providing practitioners, local authorities, citizens, and researchers with actionable insights into the health impacts of urban changes.

Our workshop is more than a discourse; it’s an interactive experience. We will delve into the scientific underpinnings of the HCG, its meticulous design process, and its tangible impact across European cities. The core of our session offers hands-on exploration. Together, we will analyse the health requirements of Liverpool’s urban environment, conceptualise strategic actions, and evaluate the potential health outcomes.

The HCG derives its strength from rigorous research, validated by global health and planning experts. This tool has successfully bridged the gap between health and planning domains, making it an invaluable resource for urban planners. By converging health and urban perspectives, the HCG provides visual support to advocate health-focused planning.

Join us at the conference to be part of this transformative journey towards healthier cities. Our interactive session will empower you to contribute to an imaginative masterplan for the conference vicinity, underscoring the HCG’s potency.

POSTER – Healthy Cities: deploying the full potential of Health as an urban planning tool

Healthy Cities’ multidisciplinary team combines knowledge with action to support local authorities in delivering the healthiest urban environments for their communities.

In recent years, Healthy Cities has worked with practitioners and decision-makers in the design, implementation, and evaluation of a range of urban projects. This presentation aims to deliver learnings and reflections on healthy urban planning, drawing from the experience of recent case studies that incorporated health in different contexts, scales, and stages of the planning process.

Healthy Cities’ experiences in healthy urban planning, from neighbourhood scale to city-wide strategies and at different stages of the process, provide a rich variety of learnings that can be useful for stakeholders attending HCD 2023.

These case studies highlight the value of incorporating health at the start of the planning process and keeping it present at all stages, the potential of cross-departmental working, and embracing Health In All Policies.