Strategic Master Plan for the regeneration of productive areas in the Besòs area


Client: Barcelona City Council

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Year: 2023

We developed the Strategic Urban Plan for the regeneration of the industrial fabric in the Besòs area (153 ha). This document outlines the planning strategy, development alternatives, and general criteria for the future specific modification of the General Urban Plan (MPGM) for the industrial areas in the Bon Pastor, Torrent d’Estadella, La Verneda Industrial, Montsolís, and the Railway Triangle of Sagrera district in Barcelona.

The Besòs 22+ Strategic Urban Plan guides the transition of the industrial districts in Besòs towards their transformation and adaptation to the conditions of urban industry in Barcelona, ultimately integrating them into the city’s fabric.

On one hand, the plan reinforces the alignment of this area with its immediate surroundings, neighbourhoods, and the river. It responds to the small scale and daily mobility, prioritising social relationships and local economies. It adapts to the characteristics of the industrial and productive environment while fitting within the city’s overall strategy, addressing health, climate, and economic challenges.

On the other hand, the plan leads the process of transitioning from the traditional uses of the industrial district towards the incorporation of mixed uses that are characteristic of an innovative urban-industrial setting. It consolidates and enhances productivity, industry, and urban innovation in comparison to other uses. The Strategic Plan provides guidance to transform the industrial fabric of Besòs into an innovative production model, meeting the spatial, service, and infrastructure needs of future industries.

This area’s regeneration strategy ensures that both the structural systems (road networks, green spaces, public areas, facilities) and building conditions, uses, and mobility management, consider this dual approach in their planning: from a productive area to a neighbourhood scale.