Methodological guide for incorporating health into territorial plans


Client: Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya)

Location: Catalunya, Spain

Year: 2023

Territorial plans organise the territory at a regional and supraregional level and set guidelines for future urban and sectoral planning for all municipalities within their territorial scope.

One aspect that must be ensured is that the derived planning complies with minimum standards of quality in terms of health, understood from a holistic perspective, incorporating different aspects of people’s well-being.

Both aspects related to physical and mental health, as well as those related to environmental quality and social integration, need to be considered. This includes all dimensions addressed by territorial planning (natural areas, housing, landscape, access to services, green spaces, etc.).

Considering all of the above, the Healthy Cities team will design a roadmap that addresses the incorporation of health aspects in the process of drafting territorial planning and guidelines for future urban planning derived from it.