Health impact of the “La Industrial+ “ transformation project


Client: Diputació de Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Year: 2022

La Industrial + project proposes a series of transformations to the current premises of the Escola Industrial in order to make it a greener, more sustainable, and more open environment to the public and innovation. To achieve this, the project incorporates both physical/infrastructural proposals and changes to the environment, as well as social measures and economic promotion.

Scientific evidence shows that the environment influences the health of its inhabitants, so any policy or project that affects the physical characteristics of the environment will have specific impacts on health. The La Industrial + project, as a regeneration proposal for the 6 hectares that make up the Escola Industrial precinct, is expected to have an impact on the physical and social health of the citizens, as well as on aspects directly related to health (health determinants) such as air quality, biodiversity, physical activity, or social relationships.