International Conference on Urban Health

Our team members Ruth Gow, Marta Rofín Serrà, and Sebastiaan van Herk presented the Healthy Cities Generator at the ICUH in Valencia.

About ICUH

“The past 20 years at ICUH have established a strong body of urban health research and
evidence, to help us understand how we can improve health in cities worldwide. Yet, gaps still exist in knowledge generation, translation, and application for urban design, development, and health practice. Cross-sectoral collaboration and multidisciplinary training and action are needed to better bridge disciplines and better define urban health within a global context. The ICUH serves as a key convergence point to advance and support the generation, exchange, and application of urban health programs and policies.

Back in person for the first time since 2019, we are looking forward to sharing cutting edge
research, innovative ideas, stories, and on-the-ground examples of how we can come together as a global community of urban health practitioners to achieve the greater positive impact on resident health, wellbeing, and equity in urban settings. The theme for ICUH 2022 is Growing Our Global Community. Driving Action. Ensuring Equity. During this year’s conference, we aim to connect all global stakeholders working within the urban health realm to drive action and ensure equity across cities and regions. We will explore how urban health can connect with other urban and global agendas, such as climate change, planetary health, and sustainable development. We will explore models for engagement and empowerment, prioritising and defining equity across communities, how biodiversity and natural elements can play a role in healthy urban futures, and ways to reduce climate impacts for all.”