Postgraduate on Urbanism and Health


Client: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Location: Barcelona, Spain 

Year: ongoing

Marta Rofin directs this postgraduate course from the UPC School Urban Planning and Health: Urban Planning as a Tool for Health, focusing on the relationship between health and the urban environment, with a multidisciplinary and innovative approach.

Our current context calls for transversal professionals, with sensitivity and knowledge of different disciplines, prepared to face global challenges that go beyond the historical barriers that have separated the different actors involved in the planning and management of cities. We need specialists that integrate the various urban aspects that have an impact on people’s health: from mobility to biodiversity and the design of public space.

The programme provides a broad vision of the relationships between health and urban planning, the environment, mobility, sociology and the design of public space. The course provides the tools to incorporate health in urban planning, to assess the impact on health as an instrument to support urban planning and to analyse these policies in a European and global context.