Building the Foundations for the Healthy Places Framework


Client: Office for Health Improvement & Disparities, UK

Year: 2022

Drawing on previous research and stakeholder consultation (Systematic review of existing tools and guidelines in the United Kingdom), a prototype Healthy Places Framework was built. The Framework is an assessment tool, enabling local communities and authorities to assess the health impact of their place. 

The framework has a modular design that allows users to zoom in on specific health outcomes (mental health, healthy ageing, physical activity, etc.) according to their needs or to construct a holistic view of the health impact of their place.

Following a 10 question assessment, the tool recommends place-based interventions, guides strategy, and, through repetition, evaluates the impact of an intervention. 

When multiple users assess the same place, their results can be compared side-by-side to reveal diverse perspectives that may otherwise be overlooked.