A pie o en bici. Perspectivas y experiencias entorno a la movilidad activa.


Client: Universidad de Castilla la Mancha

Location: Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Year: 2021

The models of urban development, territorial occupation and mobility with which we have over-occupied and over-exploited the Earth over the last decades have triggered the current environmental crisis, which has direct repercussions on people as well. A change in the mobility model that prioritises pedestrian and cycling modes – the main active modes – can make a decisive contribution to combating and overcoming these crises.

This book presents eleven perspectives and eleven experiences on active mobility and is addressed to all those interested in the present and future of our planet and in their own well-being. Each perspective approaches active mobility by focusing on a specific aspect: public health, environment, road design, urban form, urban planning, governance, citizen participation, tactical urbanism, communication, new data sources and historic urban areas. The experiences are those of eleven European cities – mostly Spanish – with very diverse characteristics and cultural traditions.

It is a collective work in which almost thirty authors have participated. Public managers, urban planners, researchers and university lecturers, all with a common interest in conveying the need to change our urban transport model, giving active modes the prominence that our planet and we deserve.